WMC Training is a high quality training provider who has already helped over 300 companies across the UK develop their workforce and recruit and develop Apprentices using Government funds and we are here to help you.

The funding rules are due to change as of April 2017 and employers with an annual staff wage bill over £3m will be required to contribute 0.5% on top towards supporting staff learning and development. However, in the meantime we have fully funded training packages available to your staff and we urge you to use it now before this taxation comes into force.

We offer a range of nationally recognised qualifications to your staff, delivered 100% in the workplace by highly qualified, sector experienced staff. We offer the following frameworks:

  • Business Services – Administration, Sales, Customer relations up to level 5
  • Childcare qualifications up to level 5
  • Management qualifications up to level 5
  • Construction up to level 5
  • Hospitality up to level 5
  • Manufacturing up to level 5
  • Business Improvement Techniques

Plus we would like to speak with you about any additional training and development that you feel your staff would benefit from and again, we are currently able to offer Government funding for your business.

To express your interest in undertaking training for key staff members or your entire workforce, please use the contact form below and we will be in touch very soon to arrange to meet and identify your full requirements. Likewise please use the form below to let us know if are currently considering employing an apprentice: