Starting a Management role or developing your Management career brings a range of challenges and skills that many find are way outside of the their comfort zone. We often see managers who are overwhelmed, functioning in a reactive model and carrying a lot of stress.

Whether managers are managing staff, processes, or both, without a solid, dependable and flexible CPD plan that cuts right to the heart of the pressures, people can falter and business can suffer.

That is why our programs are designed to the National ILM curriculum. Choose a course from our hierarchical list of qualifications which can take you from level two manager to level five and beyond.
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Our qualifications are designed by you, around your strengths and areas for improvement. No fillers, no time wasted. Instead you will undertake a dynamic, work focussed qualification that enables you to apply the skills, knowledge and behaviours that you have learned directly to your role.

Get going and turbo charge your management team…

You can start today and our team of dedicated, skilled and industry experienced assessors will visit you in the workplace each month. That means:

  • No day release
  • No evening classes
  • No weekend retreats

So don’t wait. Courses typically range from £3.60 to £9 per week per candidate and this is paid by employers via an easy invoice.

Enquire today and we will contact you shortly. For specific courses please select from the drop down menu at the top of the page to find your ideal program.