It is with upmost pleasure and pride that we announce that WMC Training Uk are now working with the National Health Service. And, all at the same time as their 70th anniversary celebrations take place. We feel incredibly honoured to be able to deliver funded, Nationally Accredited qualifications to their incredibly dedicated staff. It has left us quite speechless.

When asked to comment about this development Paul Rees (Managing Director – WMC Training) Said:

This is such an amazing development for WMC Training UK and a partnership that we will long treasure. As a proud Welshman I find the achievements of the National Health Service over the last 70 years incomprehensible.  And it’s daily running by dedicated, highly skilled, devoted staff not shot of miraculous. To have the opportunity to contribute in some small way to the development of their departmental workforce’s skills and knowledge is a true honour for us.

We wish all learners within the NHS the very best support, the very best attention, the very best delivery of their programs and the very best of luck!

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