WMC Training will lead you through a Vocational Qualification at work using Apprenticeship Funding. That doesn’t mean that you have to be on £3.75 per hour, or that you need to go to college, or have gap days, or wait in the rain at bus stops in winter to get to class.

Our way…

Instead, we are going to provide you a qualified assessor who will meet

you at work each month, get to know you, your commitments and your preferred ways of studying. They will often become a good friend – someone who’s brain you pick, and the person who will guide you through your program from start to finish.

Your assessor is highly trained, has worked to management/owner status within your sector or industry and has the qualifications to deliver a high quality experience to lead you towards your Nationally Accredited Qualifications.


You will also be provided your very own online account so that you can log in any time. Here you will be able to check your progress, ask your assessor questions, and submit work to keep you on track between

your assessor contact visits. This great tool can be accessed from any internet ready computer, and put’s you in control of your learning and development.

You decide…

Your program will be made up of units. A unit is a heading. If you put the words I am amazing at… in front of the unit then you understand the aim of the game. Your job is to demonstrate that you have the skills, knowledge and behaviours to be a stone cold professional in your area of expertise.

The good news is that you will get to decide some of the units that make up your qualification. This makes your qualification yours.

You can pick units based upon your areas of strength and your own areas for development. You can use your one – to – one private assessor time to hone in on areas that you feel are most beneficial to you. Without the classroom, and the pressures that can bring.

The Look…

Your qualification will be broken down into different components, which all make up the overall Diploma qualification.

  • You will complete knowledge tasks to improve your understanding of your area of responsibility – the theories and the best practices within your sector and role.
  • You will create a portfolio of examples of why you are amazing at what you do – the units.
  • You will complete Maths and English (if you are not already a C Grade of above)
  • You will create a reflective account of what you have learned.
  • You will engage in on and off the job training (20% off the job) to fully understand your subject.


Finally you will showcase your new skills and knowledge in a short end-point assessment. This is a meeting with an independent assessor who will take you through a series of excersises such as:

  • Discussion
  • Presentation
  • Questions

To assess the quality of your knowledge. This generally takes a few hours.

What will you get…

All of your work and your showcase will go towards your overall grade. Your qualification has the following scores associated with them:

  • Pass
  • Merit
  • Distinction

What then?

All of our qualifications are Nationally, and some internationnally recognised. You can often use your new qualification to join professional bodies such as the Chartered Management Institute.

You will be able to apply your Nationally Accredited skills and knowledge to your role, firing on all cylinders, with better, more focussed productivity and maybe a little bit less stress.

You can use your qualification to garnish your CV with a qualification that has true gravitas, and which will provide you a clear career advantage.


You could choose to progress to the next level. All of our Qualifications from level two to level seven are all built upon one another. They all lead on and they all bring their own challenges and rewards.

High quality Apprenticeships are the best choice for your career and self development. They are funded and offer great value without the University debt or upheaval.

Got any questions? We hope so. Get in touch today by phone on: 0800 6 44 68 77 for an impartial chat. or visit us at: www.wmctraining.co.uk