Large Employers

As a larger employer with an annual wage bill in excess of £3m you now pay a new tax called the ’Levy’. You pay a minimum of £15,000 per annum. This money is used to fund the Apprenticeship program across England and Wales. You have no choice in paying this, but you can benefit greatly.


If you do not use these funds for your own business, the money you pay will be given to your competitors. However, if you choose to work with WMC Training to effectively utilise these funds to develop and grow your workforce, the Government will pay up to £27 for each pound you contribute.


WMC Training is an established Apprenticeship provider operating Nationally. We want to help your organisation maximise your return on your Levy investment. We encourage you to enter into a well organised, low impact and joint funded training program for all areas of your workforce. We have a strong track record for delivering a high quality, nationally accredited and fully account managed service to bring you maximum control and benefit without burden.


Here we will outline how we can help your organisation use the Levy to your advantage and I hope that you will find it useful. We want to work with you and hope that you will choose WMC Training as your strategic partner.