Click here for full Appeals process: WMC Training Appeals Procedure 2018


WMC Training has a commitment to treat all learners fairly and equally. Appeals procedures are part of the process of ensuring that WMC Training both operates and are seen to operate in a manner that upholds this ideal. WMC Training must comply with the requirements of external bodies; this includes adopting and following relevant appeals procedures.


WMC Training allows all learners to appeal against decisions that they perceive as unfair. Learners wishing to appeal should be guided to follow the appropriate procedure depending on the circumstances. If there is no appropriate appeals procedure, then a learner is entitled to make a formal complaint.
Individuals generally are more accepting of decisions if they are justified. Therefore, learners should always be given as much information as possible about the reasons for any decision that the learner may perceive as being detrimental or unfair. In making decisions staff must consider all learners and WMC Training in general, not just the individual. If this can be demonstrated without breaking confidentiality to a dissatisfied learner, it can help the individual to accept a decision and acknowledge it as fair.

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