The level five standard is an excellent qualification aimed at Nursery managers and owners who want a qualification that really relates and reflects the passion and energy that it takes to run a setting.

The level five is currently the highest standard on offer and is designed to provide you the skills, knowledge and behaviours that you need.

You can start your study at any time, we don’t wait for term times. So as soon as you want to you can get started. Our team of highly qualified, highly experienced assessors will visit you at work every four weeks. All of your study materials will be included, and you will be fully supported.

The qualification is built as follows:

1. Diploma – This is your study. You will research and enhance your knowledge; writing assignments to confirm and enhance your understanding of the areas you need.This activity will be fully supported by your assessor as well as on your own during self appointed, work based study periods.

2. Portfolio – You will complete a portfolio to demonstrate your behaviours within the setting in a range of tasks and areas of your role. You will apply the knowledge from the Diploma and ensure you are demonstrating and delivering your knowledge.

3. Showcase – You will confirm your knowledge to an external assessor who will ask you questions about what you have learned. Your personal assessor will work extensively with you to prepare you for this and it will provide you an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned and, along with your Diploma and Portfolio will earn you one of the following grades:


The program is awarded by Cache NCFE – the leading Childcare awarding body and is available with just a 10% employer contribution which can be paid throughout the duration of the qualification at just £5 per week.

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